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We Create Evidence from Nordic Real-World Data

Epistat offer a strategic partnership in Biostatistics and Real World Evidence

We are a research consulting company offering services within real world evidence, clinical trials, biostatistical consultations, medical writing and education to medical researchers and the Life Science Industry

Our Services

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    Real World Evidence

    Creating evidence from Real World Data is increasingly important to understand interventions. The Nordic registries allow for research that are impossible in most other countries.

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    Clinical studies

    Biostatistics is necessary for all for all phases in clinical trials. This includes the study designs, study conduct, determining the most effective data collection points and how analysis and reporting should be performed.

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    Statistical consultations

    Biostatistical consulting covers issues from study design and strategies, to the analysis of study data and interpretation of results. Our biostatistics experts will build a tailored solution for your research or business.

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    We understand the complexity of biostatistics and clinical research, and we provide executive education programs that equip researchers and pharmaceutical professionals with the tools they need to take better decisions.

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    Medical writing

    At Epistat we can support with writing for academic abstracts, publications and posters for congresses, and companies with clinical study protocols, and clinical study reports (CSRs)

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    Data visualization

    In our data-driven world, it’s more important than ever to have accessible ways to view and understand data. Data visualization in the form of dashboards is the go-to tool for many businesses to analyze and share information.

Latest News
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    Epistat welcomes our new colleague

    March 2024 - Epistat welcomes Hanna Vikman as a biostatistican with experience both from academic research and the pharmaceutical consultancy

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    A new consultant in the team

    February 2024 - We are very happy to have Valentina Fermanelli onboard as a consultant. She has a PhD in applied mathematics and experience in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmadynamtics.

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    New scientific publication

    July 2022 - Swedish registry study shows how survival has improved significantly after the introduction of a new drug for children diagnosed with SMA.


Epistat helps you from the study design to the final report

Read what our partners have to say

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    ”Anders Berglund and his colleagues have provided statistical expertise and inspiring discussions to my research projects over the last several years. Their genuine interest in our research questions and willingness to learn about the unique features of Radiotherapy data have been instrumental to several solid publications. Further, their academic achievements and active contributions to cancer research provide relevant credentials. Importantly, when developing my research program in the field of outcome modelling in Radiotherapy, I can rely on having access to the latest methodology and best practice in epidemiology. Beyond statistical analyses, we also collaborate on the development of a decision support tool for Radiotherapy treatment planning.”

    Eva Onjukka, PhD
    Coordinator of R&D, Section of Radiotherapy Physics and Engineering
    Karolinska University Hospital

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    ”I have had the great pleasure to work closely with Anders Berglund for the last two years. I am responsible for real world evidence at CSL Vifor, covering the Nordic region, and Anders is supporting me, as an external consultant, in executing various epidemiological studies and data extraction related projects. Successful execution of these projects requires a unique skillset, ranging from technical knowledge around data analyses, as well as clinical and business understanding of RWE. Anders is highly knowledgeable in this field and an invaluable sparring partner. With Anders support, I am in a strong position at my organization to implement and execute on an integrated evidence generation plan covering the drug life cycle, ensuring overall commercial success of a product and timely access to patients.”

    Milica Uhde, PhD
    Evidence Generation Lead at
    ViFor Pharma Nordics


The Nordic registries allow for research that are impossible in most other countries

The population-based registries can be linked to any of the 100+ disease-specific registers containing details of clinical data, treatment sequences, clinical outcomes, and patient-reported outcomes in addition to biobank assets. Epistat expertise covering accessing, analysing, and interpreting of data to support research programs globally.